Date: Saturday, 07/05/2022

Time: 8:30 – 12:30

Spend an active day climbing rocks by the sea at altitudes accessible only to birds. A real adrenaline adventure awaits you in Kloštar.

Why sport climbing?

Climbing is an evolutionary characteristic of a human being that children also know - they climb for fun, enjoyment, exploration, challenge, sense of danger, and for feeling successful and watching from the top, or from a different perspective.

Although climbing is very demanding, it can be handled by people of any age because of climbing physical, mental and social benefits - all the muscles in the body are activated, and what is especially important is building confidence, encouraging creativity, coordination, balance, focus, esourcefulness in space, concentration, releases stress, develops collaboration and trust in the group, etc.
Research shows that sport climbing contributes to the proper growth of children and young people, has proven to be a good therapy for low back pain, and there are tests that shows its psychotherapeutic effect in some psychiatric disorders (Heitkomp, HC, Warner C., Harstman T., 2005 ).
From all of the above, it can be concluded that climbing contributes to human health, maintaining physical fitness and encourages the development of a range of qualities important in various aspects of life.

Meeting:  8:00-8:20

Location: resort Belvedere

Start: 8:30

If you have any questions:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Minimum: 2 persons

Maksimum: 15 persons

Price: 580,00 kn/person

What registration fees include:

  • Training on the basics of sport climbing by licensed trainers and sport climbing instructors
  • Expert guidance by experienced climbers on different difficulty routes
  • Equipment rental
  • A warm meal after the activity
  • Secured Medical Service
  • Diploma of participation in the 1st LIM BAY CLIMBING DAY
  • pasta party at resort Belvedere
  • event t-shirt (for those who make payment by 22/04/2022)




By submitting to the 1st LIM BAY CLIMBING DAY, participants waive the possibility of delegating responsibility to the organizers and participate at their own risk. The participants were informed that the organizers were following the event through the media and that they would use the photos and video material created during, just before and after the event for their internal and event promotion purposes. Organizers can use all photos and videos to post on their communication channels (printed marketing materials, websites, social networks) to promote and advertise events. Also, participants are aware that the organizers will use their personal information for internal communication and for the purposes of hosting and promoting the event, all in accordance with applicable regulations.

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